Election Team Information
Basic Steps of an OA Unit Election - Sehwatu Chapter

1. Minimum one week prior to the Unit Election, the Chapter Vice-Chief should contact the Unit (OA Troop Representative or Scoutmaster) hosting the election, to:
    a. Confirm the already scheduled date, time, and location of the unit meeting/election.
    b. Remind the OA Troop Rep/Scoutmaster that the Election team will need detailed information on all eligible candidates BEFORE the election can begin.
        They will need the following information: the candidate(s) full name, rank, address, birthday, email, BSA ID number, phone numbers, etc.
    c. Encourage Scoutmaster to have a current copy of re-charter paperwork or Troopmaster roster on hand at the time of election to help with BSA ID numbers,
        personal information, and accurate active Unit membership

2. One week prior to the Unit Election, the Chapter Vice-Chief should contact the Election Team leader to confirm they are still available for the specific Unit Election
    and give them the appropriate unit meeting info.

3. Two days prior to the Unit Election, the Election Team leader should ensure his election team members know the meeting date, time, and verify they have transportation.

4. Two days prior to the Unit Election, the Election Team leader should confirm with the OA Troop Rep or Scoutmaster hosting the election:
    a. Of their attendance and that the Unit Election is still as planned.
    b. Ask if they can have a DVD player/video screen/device available for you to use while showing the OA Election DVD.
    c. Remind the OA Troop Rep/Scoutmaster that you will need detailed information on all candidates BEFORE you can conduct their election. You will need the following
        information: the candidate(s) full name, rank, address, birthday, email, BSA ID number, phone numbers, etc.
    d. Let them know about the Sample Election Ballot (link below) on the Sehwatu website.

5. Election Day: The Election team should arrive at the Unit’s meeting at least 15 minutes early, with the appropriate materials in hand. (Index cards make a great ballot,
    or use different colored paper -- in order to help keep track of what is a “real” ballot.)
    a. Introduce your team to the OA Troop Rep and Scoutmaster.
    b. Receive from the Scoutmaster the detailed information on the candidates (candidate(s) full name, rank, address, birthday, email, BSA ID number, phone numbers,
        etc. and complete the “back page” of the Troop Election form. (If they hand you a print out, possibly from Troopmaster, attach it to the Troop Election form.)
    c. Before the election, have the Scoutmaster sign the Election Form, to confirm that the Scouts listed are eligible to be in the OA and are the candidates.
    d. Finalize who is reading each section (take 3 copies of the Election script to the election). Be sure to include the Unit’s OA Troop Rep if there is one; if not, a third
        Arrowman (or SPL) from the Unit can read the part, or the election script can be read by just two youth Arrowmen (although this is not preferred).
    e. Ensure the DVD player/video screen/device is operational (if applicable).
    f. Complete the top part of the Troop/Unit election form to ensure that a valid election can be held. (50% of active Unit members must be present to hold an election).
       =>Note on the form how many 18-20 year old Scouts are present as well. (These are not counted in the youth member total, but do impact the total number of
    g. Show the Election DVD.
    h. Answer any questions that scouts or adult leaders may have for you about the video or the election process.
    i. Following the Election script, read the parts. Ask for any questions about the elections process before distributing the ballots and pencils/pens.
    j. Conduct the Election.
    k. Collect all ballots (and pencils/pens) and go to a private location with another adult from the host troop (preferably an ASM/OA member). They don’t participate in         the counting, but simply monitor the counting.
    l. Count all the ballots and votes, and complete the Troop/Unit election form. If a youth is within one vote of election, a recount is encouraged to verify vote totals.
    m. If no one is elected, a revote is required.  If after the revote, no one is elected, then the election is recorded as completed and unsuccessful.
    n. Complete the Election Scoutmaster form and give it to the Scoutmaster.
    o. Double check that you have the following information for each of the newly nominated Ordeal Candidate(s) Full Name, Rank, Address, Birthday, BSA ID number,
        email, and phone numbers on the back of the election form or staple a pre-printed sheet to the election form.
    p. Hand the Scoutmaster the information sheet(s) regarding the Chapter call out and Ordeal weekends, and Catawba Lodge & Sehwatu Chapter calendar for the next 
    q. Based on a successful election, the chapter adviser will email adult forms and eligible adult number to Troop contact. New adult policy (updated 2013 election year)
        for every three scouts elected, the troop can put up one adult. If the Scoutmaster is not an OA member they have an automatic "bid" that does not count against 
        troop's total adult election count.
    r. Complete the Troop/Unit election form, and have the election team sign the form.
    s. Ask the Troop OA Rep. (or SPL) and the Scoutmaster to complete their evaluation form of the election team’s performance. Have them return those forms to you
       before you leave that night.
    t. Complete the Election Team assessment as well.
    u. If the Troop does not have an OA Troop Rep, give the OA Troop Rep form to the Scoutmaster. He can complete and return it to the Elections team that night, or to the
       Chapter Chief later.
    v. Adult member of the visiting Election Team should take all the ballots home for disposal. Do NOT leave any ballots at the Troop’s meeting place.
    w. Once everything is complete, be sure to thank the Scoutmaster and OA Troop Rep for allowing us to perform their election and for their time.

6. Once back home, the Election Team leader should scan the election form, candidate information page, and evaluation forms and email them to both: 
    sehwatu_vc@catawba459.org and sehwatu_adviser@catawba459.org. Arrange for hard copies to be given to Chapter Adviser as quickly as possible.

If steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 are complete, then the Election Team has successfully completed a Unit Election!!

7. Chapter Vice -Chief then:
    a. Notifies the Chapter Webmaster and Webmaster adviser that the election for that unit is complete.
    b. If requested, sends an electronic copy of the Election form to the Lodge VC-Inductions and adviser, and copy Chapter adviser.
    c. Reviews the election evaluations to make adjustments as necessary.

8. Chapter Adviser then:
    a. Adds the information to the Google spreadsheet for the newly elected candidates.
    b. Reviews the election evaluations with the Chapter Vice-Chief.
    c. Keeps a hard copy of all the election forms.
    d. Sends adult forms and confirmation email with the number of adults eligible to Troop contact and copies Lodge Adult Selection Committee Chairman.

If all of these steps (1 thru 8) are complete, then the Chapter successfully completed a Unit Election.

Materials Needed at the Unit Election
(provided by the Election team)
  • Ballots – bring enough blank ballots for two elections (in case you need to have a second election that night)
        - Either use index cards, or a different color paper for your ballots
        - Sample Election Ballot
  • Pens - Be sure to collect these for use on another election
  • OA Election DVD
  • Unit Election Packet
  • Notebook and pen for your use
  • Cell phone (to use to contact the Chapter Vice-Chief or Chapter Adviser if there are questions, or the host troop if you’re running late). Your adult election member may have one and that will be sufficient.
  • The Scoutmaster’s (of the unit having the election), Chapter Vice-Chief and Advisor’s cell phone number.
Election Team Member Responsibilities

Election Team members should:
  • Be in proper Class A uniform (pants, shirts, epaulets, socks, belt), with OA Sash, brown or black shoes (NO white tennis shoes), and Chapter T-shirt underneath / Chapter shoe laces
  • Be courteous in working with the host troop
  • Take part in the troop’s opening ceremony
  • Ensure that a fair and orderly election takes place
  • Remove all ballots, counting sheets, etc, when you leave
  • Thank the Scoutmaster, SPL, and OA Troop Rep for allowing us time for their election
If there are any questions about this material or during the election, please contact:
Chapter Vice-Chief Jack Casey: sehwatu_vc@catawba459.org
or Chapter Chief Abby Maillet: sehwatu_chief@catawba459.org
or Chapter Adviser Ben Yarborough: sehwatu_adviser@catawba459.org

Thank you for supporting your Chapter and helping bring new OA members into our fellowship!!!