Welcome to the Sehwatu Chapter!

Highlights from the 2016 Order of the Arrow Banquet:

Congratulations to Jesse Jenkins and Bruce Smith for being recognized
as Sehwatu arrowmen of the year.  Jesse received the Ellis Satterwhite
Chapter Member of the year for youth while Bruce received the Jack Jolly
award for adults.

We also want to congratulate youth Zachary Jewell and Tyler Smith and
adult Mark Chapman for being recognized as OA Crenshaw arrowmen of
the year for Catawba Lodge.

We also had several of our Chapter brothers recognized for their hard
work supporting the various teams within the Lodge.  Jesse Jenkins was
recognized as the Ceremony Team's Most Improved Cermonialist.  Ben
Craddock (youth) and Matt Fox (adult) were recognized as Village Person
of the Year for the Indian Village.  Daniel Wood received recognition with
the Ceremonial Support Team Award for his work this last year as the
Ceremony Support Team Chairman.

Our Chapter was recognized as the Honor Chapter of the Year as well as
with Chapter Spirit of the Year.

Lastly, we recognized our 2016 recipients of the Sehwatu Chapter Service
award patch.  Thank you for your service to our Chapter!

Youth                               Adults

Andrew Ayers                   Bob Coughlin
Jesse Jenkins                    Joe Craddock
Casey Smith                     Bruce Smith
Tyler Smith

2016 Sehwatu Chapter Highlights
  • Total Sehwatu Arrowmen is 284
  • Completed The Sehwatu Chapter Tipi
  • Performed 19 Unit Elections
  • Donated $250 to assist 2 Hornets Nest Scouts attend Top Gun/NYLT
  • Donated $200 to the Lodge through a gift to support a fellow chapter in need
  • Put in 69 hours of work to support the facilities of our Local Host - Troop 42 and Hopewell Presbyterian Church
  • Cooked and served over 26 meals during the Room at the Inn Ministry Project
  • Held our second annual High Adventure Weekend at Camp Grimes where 15 youth arrowmen attended
  • 5 adults and 3 outside chapter adults served as staff for the High Adventure Weekend
  • 19 Sehwatu Arrowmen sealed their membership in the order
  • Of the Elongomats used by the lodge over 50% were from Sehwatu!
  • To date, sold over 100 pairs of Sehwatu socks
  • Of the Nimats used by the Brotherhood induction team, over 50% were from Sehwatu!
  • 7 Sehwatu Arrowmen achieved the chapter Service Award using the new point system of 20 combined points
  • Sold 450 quarts at the “Sehwastew" Fundraiser
  • 90 Scouts elected to OA - 90% completed the ordeal 
  • 8th consecutive year achieving Honor Chapter 
  • 5 Sehwatu Arrowmen received Vigil Honor (Greg Armistead, Zachary Jewell, Bruce Smith, Casey Smith, Daniel Wood)
  • Introduced over 32 scouts to Native American Dance and Drumming at the Hornets Nest Camporee
Posted December 5, 2016


Lodge dues of $15 are due by December 31st.  Please click here to get your dues paid so you can
participate in Lodge and Chapter events in 2017.


Brothers, our 5th annual Brunswick Stew Fundraiser is coming up on February 10th and 11th, 2017.
We will need many hands over the 2 days to prep, cook, package and deliver our Stew.  Here are the
times of the various needs:

Friday February 10th
    10:00AM - 5PM - Food prep and cook 1st pot (adults only)
    5:00 - 9PM - Food preparation - many vegetables to chop
    7:00PM - 2:00AM - Cooking 1st shift - stirring the pot, stoking the fire

Saturday February 13th
    1:00 - 8:00AM - Cooking 2nd shift - stirring the pot, stoking the fire
    8:00 - 10:00AM - Packaging - get it ready for the customers
    8:00AM - 1:00PM - Clean-up - cleaning the pots
    10:00AM - 1:00PM - Selling/Pick-up - need Scouts to sell by the road and man the pick-up station

You can sign-up for any or all of the above by going to our Sign-up Genius.

We also need brothers to sell tickets for the Stew.  Please contact Mr. Craddock to get your tickets.
We are planning to pre-sell 400 tickets this year.

Posted November 16, 2016


Click here for pdf version of the 2017 Sehwatu Calendar.


Chapter Meetings

7:00pm - 8:30pm(ish)
Hopewell Presbyterian Church
10500 Beatties Ford Road
(just across from entrance to Latta Plantation)

The Chapter holds its monthly chapter meetings on the 4th Wednesday of every month at Hopewell Presbyterian Church at 7pm.  Make sure to attend so you can find out about new happenings in the lodge and chapter.  Also, it is a good way to get involved in the Order.