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Upcoming Catawba Lodge/Sehwatu Chapter Events

February 22-24 - Klondike Derby - Camp Grimes
February 23rd - Chapter Meeting - Camp Grimes dining hall at Klondike Derby - after campfire
March 6th - Lodge Executive Board - Council Office - 7:00-8:30 pm
March 15-17 - Spring Fellowship - Belk Scout Camp
March 27th - Chapter Meeting - Hopewell Presbyterian Church - 7:00-8:30


Brothers, our 7th annual Brunswick Stew Fundraiser (2018) was a huge success.  We produced 455 quarts
of stew in 3 pots and raised money that will help support our various Chapter events.

We had tremendous help again this year.  We prepped and cooked 1 pot during the day Friday
(a big thank you to Mark Chapman, Bob Coughlin, Joe Craddock, Ken Daniels, and Susan Garner)
and then the other 2 pots Friday evening into Saturday morning and were done with packaging those
pots and by 3:30am.

We would like to recognize a few who stood out with their efforts:

- Mark Chapman and Bob/Braeden Coughlin as our top sellers of 60 and 40 quarts of Sehwastew respectively
- Tyler Smith for serving as our youth chair for the Brunswick Stew event
- The following individuals who stayed up all night stirring the 2 pots of Stew and had
a great night of fellowship working together, watching several movies, and playing some games):

Scouts -
Troop 19 - Sam Brown, Jack Casey, Chase Hensley
Troop 42 - Aidan Gough, Gabe Montalbano, Daniel Owens, Tyler Smith
Troop 70 - Bobby Olson, Steven Olson, Justin Cobb, Elijah Hill Pfeffer, Kelvin Rattley
Troop 148 - Tomas Brooker
Troop 323 - Alex Aubart, Braeden Coughlin, Drew Juchter

Adults -
Troop 35 - Ken Daniels
Troop 58 - Bruce Smith
Troop 87 - Joe Craddock
Troop 148 - Trey Brooker
Troop 323 - David Aubart, Bob Coughlin

Another huge thanks to Joe Craddock for his tireless efforts in organizing Sehwastew 2019.
Joe continues to be the heart and soul of this endeavor with several days of prep leading up to
the event, countless trips to Hopewell Presbyterian, food purchase, and head Stewmaster.  You ROCK!

Thank you to all who sold tickets or helped in any way with the event.

Mark February 7-8, 2020 on your calendar for Sehwastew 2020.

Posted February 10, 2019


Click here for pdf version of the 2019 Sehwatu Calendar.


Chapter Meetings

7:00pm - 8:30pm(ish)
Hopewell Presbyterian Church
10500 Beatties Ford Road
(just across from entrance to Latta Plantation)

The Chapter holds its monthly chapter meetings on the 4th Wednesday of every month at Hopewell Presbyterian Church at 7pm.  Make sure to attend so you can find out about new happenings in the lodge and chapter.  Also, it is a good way to get involved in the Order.