2019-2020 Goals

2019-2020 Sehwatu Vision Statement

"The Sehwatu Chapter for the 2019-20 term will continue to promote an exciting

and welcoming community to our future, new and existing members.

We will continue to grow in attendance to OA events and meetings along

with improving communications skills.

We shall incorporate and empower the next generation of Sehwatu leaders for youth

and adults by continuing to revitalize our chapter's spirit, participation and performance."

Sehwatu Chapter 2019-2020 Goals & Plan Summary

Support Lodge's Journey to Excellence & Achieve Honor Chapter

  1. Finance

    1. Manage chapter revenue and expense according to Council-Lodge established procedures and leadership.

      1. Establish a budget & fundraising plan & exceed the financial target(s)

  2. Membership

    1. Grow membership by at least 3%

      1. Add pictures from each Lodge/Chapter event to Chapter website/social media in a timely manner after the event

    2. Complete induction of at least 80% of Ordeal candidates

    3. Convert at least 35% eligible Ordeal members to Brotherhood

    4. Increase active adult membership in advisor roles by 35%

  3. Program

    1. Complete elections for 100% of requesting units

      1. Visit and make an OA presentation (revamped by the Chapter) and/or conduct an election to at least one new Troop and one Venturing Crew that has no OA presence or all inactive arrowmen

      2. Visit 100% of Troops and Crews in our district that request us to share information about the OA and welcome inactive members back to our fellowship. Add at least one Troop and Venturing Crew that did not submit a request

      3. Attend district meetings/events to promote chapter

    2. Set and achieve a chapter attendance goal for OA events

      1. 35 Sehwatu arrowmen at Spring Fellowship

      2. 25 Sehwatu arrowmen at Dixie Fellowship

      3. 15 Sehwatu arrowmen at Icebreaker Event/Summer Fellowship

      4. 60 Sehwatu arrowmen at Fall Fellowship

    3. Complete two Lodge executive committee designated programs or projects

      1. Provide staffing/support for Council Scouting for Food at 3 collection sites

      2. The Chapter Chief (or designee) and the Chapter Advisor (or designee) attends each Lodge Executive Board Meeting

    4. Maintain an active planning process that guides the Chapter program and supports the Lodge’s plans

      1. Meet with the District committee and/or executive to review/update our vision statement, annual review, and annual goals

    5. Chapter Communications

      1. Record chapter minutes electronically and submit to Chapter Chief/Advisor in 72 hours following a Chapter meeting

      2. Post reminder of Chapter meetings on Remind, Facebook, Instagram and Chapter website at least 4 days prior by Chapter Secretary

      3. Monthly updates to website and/or social media by Chapter Secretary

      4. Provide at least 4 articles to Lodge Newsletter “The Legend”

  4. District & Council Service

    1. Complete a minimum of 2 Chapter service projects

      1. Feeding the Hungry service project on November 2, 2019

      2. Service Project at Camp Grimes in coordination with Camp Ranger

    2. Support two District and/or Council events

      1. Klondike Derby Weekend as Course Rangers and Nugget Exchange

      2. Help Webelos Resident Camp, Summer Camp, and/or NYLT

    3. Complete three District executive and/or Scout Executive designated program support projects

      1. Chapter Meeting at Klondike Derby Weekend

      2. Chapter Update to Hornets Nest Executive Committee

      3. Provide regular Chapter updates at monthly District Roundtables

Other Chapter Areas of Emphasis for 2019-2020

    1. Continue to identify better Summer Fellowship event ideas that Chapter membership will attend and enjoy, whether it is a high adventure weekend or icebreaker type of activity, that is well promoted, best meets member's schedules and welcomes all to come out to enjoy fellowship with other Sehwatu brothers.

    2. Explore and implement new communication methods with Troops and Venturing Crews in District and improve Troop/Venturing Crew visitations outside of conducting OA Elections with consideration of a better coordinated Troop OA Representative program. Gather information on member interests to increase involverment and to improve areas that need it.

    3. Continue Chapter Gift program in support of a Lodge or Hornets Nest Scouting program that needs funding support especially in welcoming and communication efforts for Troops/Venturing Crews feeling left out.

    4. Explore with Camp Grimes' Ranger to identify short-term Chapter service project associated with the enhancement of the scouting experience.

    5. Explore creating an annual merit badge workshop or a Webelos activity pins event sponsored by the Chapter.

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