Participation Patch

WHO CAN PURCHASE THIS PATCH? (Cost is $5.00 per patch)

- Anyone (in or out of our Chapter) can purchase the Chapter "Participation" patch. Funds raised by the purchase of these patches will be used to provide "Activity Beads" for Sehwatu Chapter members. Beads will be given (not sold) to the Sehwatu Chapter participants in the events. Lodge members outside of the Sehwatu Chapter are NOT eligible to receive Sehwatu Chapter "Activity Beads". The goal is to increase participation by Sehwatu Chapter members in Chapter and Lodge activities by recognizing those that do and create a desire to receive such recognition from peers in the Chapter. Plans are to do this for 3 years beginning in calendar year 2009. All Sehwatu members, in good standing (dues paid), are eligible to receive "Activity Beads" for participating in the respective events.

- Beads will be presented to the Sehwatu Chapter members in attendance at the following schedule:

o Lodge Fellowships & Ordeals - at the end of the Chapter Meeting.

o Chapter Events - at the conclusion of the event.

o Exceptions for Sehwatu members: If serving as a Chapter or Lodge officer, or attending NLS/NLATS/NOAC/Dixie, the bead will be presented at the next Chapter meeting.


- Beads should be worn according to the following:

o On a leather thong provided (given) by the Chapter.

o Charms and thongs attached to the Chapter patch - patch purchased by the Chapter member.

o In the following years, another thong will be provided by the Chapter, and activity beads awarded for participation.


Bead System